Qi(chi) = energy: the ability to do work

What is qi (chi)? In the west qi has been translated to mean energy. Consequently in order to understand what qi is we have to ask what energy is.

In the dictionary synonyms for energy are vigour, liveliness, dynamism, vitality, drive, verve, etc. In high school science class I came to learn that energy means the ability to do work. In other words the ability to heat something, move or cause something to move, or change the state of something. Energy also comes in different forms or states such as potential and kinetic energy.

Qi is energy; it is all of these things and probably many other things that we have yet to experience. Now, just as energy can function in different ways under different circumstances, so too can the manipulation of qi cause different reactions to occur depending on the intention.

Qi is real. Like the wind, it cannot be seen directly but its effects can be observed.

No way is this better demonstrated than in the following video clip depicting John Chang, referred to as DJ, as he is manipulating qi.

A Welcome to The Cyborgs

Embraced by the warm Florida air, I make my way to my car, the hum of air con motors my only company. I pull out of the parking space and make a winding exit onto Glades Road.A little less than ten minutes later I am turning off the headlights and grabbing a blanket from the back seat.

Slipping off my shoes I make a gentle descent towards the soft lapping sounds of the North Atlantic Ocean.Settling down onto the soft sand, I raise my gaze to the horizon and brace myself for the silent yet majestic spectacle about to take place before me: the rising of the sun.

Seeing a sunrise can be a magical thing. But can you imagine what a sunrise would sound like?

Neil Harbisson would answer yes to that question. Neil was born with Achromatopsia, an inability to see colour. As he says, “I come from a grayscale world, the sky is grey, flowers are grey and television is still in black and white.”

Yet with a microchip and an antenna Neil now has the ability to hear the frequencies of a myriad of colours, infrared included.


The way in which the device works is simple in its complexity. The antenna, or the electric eye as Neil calls it, senses the frequency emitted by a colour and sends the information to a chip implanted in the back of his skull where, via bone conduction, his mind is able to interpret through the frequency, what colour is being displayed.

He has had the use of the device since the age of 21, and after the first six months, Neil says he began to dream in colour. He now sees the antenna as an extension of him for that is what it feels like. Neil’s antenna is to him what an antenna is to an insect.

So if Neil were the one sitting on that North Atlantic shore can you imagine the experience he may have had?

Neil’s antenna and microchip have also been evolving. Via Bluetooth he is now connected to about 5 people via the internet. If I had been one of them, I could have sent him images of the sunrise for him to hear.

He is not the only one with such devices, his business partner Moon Ribas has the ability to feel earthquakes happening around the world in real time.

Her device is connected to seismographs via the internet. She receives this information as vibrations in different parts of her body. She has dubbed this as an extra sense and calls it her Seismic Sense.

As Moon and Neil show, all of these devices have become ways for the human being to extend the senses and become even more connected to the planet.

Their work continues to evolve. Together they formed the Cyborg Foundation where, through collaborations, “they encourage people to create their own sensory extension” (The Cyborg Foundation, 2015).

Check out their website: http://cyborgism.wix.com/cyborg

and also enjoy the talks they gave at TED.

Neil Harbisson

Moon Ribas

The First Successful Penis Transplant

After an infection from a botched circumcision took this young man’s penis, he was successfully given a new one in a nine hours operation in South Africa.

As Reuters reports, this is a great step towards helping other men who find themselves in similar conditions due to either ED (severe erectile dysfunction), or cancer.

Now imagine if they had actually grown the organ in the lab. That would be totally cool don’t you think?;)

Moves in ways that you love!

The Institute for the Psychology of Eating has said it!

When you exercise:

Move in ways that:





Emily Rosen, COO for The Institute, goes into a little more detail on what they believe is “the most important exercise secret ever.”

Once you have had a look, check them out for some in-depth information on food, health and the psychology of eating.

I think, therefore I am…a cyborg?

Two of many things from which I can get such a thrill either watching, learning, or reading: 1. Science, be it fact or fiction, and 2. magic and the powers of the mind. So you can imagine how I felt when I landed on the video I am sharing with you now. I can only imagine what this technology will look like within the next 5 to 10 years.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts below!

Who am I, and why am I here?

The late Mr Nelson Mandela has been quoted saying: “Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.” The truth found in this statement is not only applicable to formal education but to any area of life where change is deemed necessary. Where we are standing right now in the 21st Century the whole world needs a change for the better at one level or another. And no where is this more evident than the medical professions. In this day and age being sick has become the norm. Just sit for a moment through a television commercial on any particular medication being recommended and you will see that the side effects outweigh the benefits. Yet the sad part is that the majority of the population does not see anything wrong with this.

Therefore, who am I?

I am a university graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Alternative Medicine and I am currently working as a Health Consultant. As I write this I am 25 years old and hungry to learn as much as I can about many things but especially about how to help bring forth an integrated health care system that is not only personal but is focused on health maintenance and optimization instead of the treatment of disease.

So why am I here?

I am here as an educator for I believe the way to change the current form of medical practice is through proper education via the sharing of reliable information. I am also here to form a community of learning and sharing of experiences in every area of healthcare.

So please do not hesitate to ask questions and share your information.